• Series Equivalents 2016

    These photographic images are taken just as they presented themselves somewhere, in a complete different context compared to this art gallery. Nevertheless, the expression of these images here are to say equivalent to images ‘once there’.  But they do also exist on their own, made specific and  given meaning by your personal impression: the aesthetic experience enables you to connect exclusiveley with this image and viceversa.

    As an artist and a poet I explore the expressive capacity of image and word, assuming that there is much more to see and to hear than there is at first glance. Pictures and language, despite their high level of ‘cognitive reality’, still hide unknown meanings and expressions.  It is then necessary to distract  the viewer from day-to-day and routine observations in order to enable him and her to get an idea of what kind of truth is behind the image, and behind the words of the poem.

    The North American photographer Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) is recognized as one of the first artist who went beyond reality by real photographic images. Someone who made the first abstract photographs by intention. He made series of photographs of clouds, mostly without indication of time and place in it. He called them Equivalents.